Wednesday, August 26, 2009

9 patch fish

My mission for today was to work on my quilting class project:

I'm to take these strips....

and turn them into 9 patch blocks....

Why o' why is there always 1 that gets screwed up???

I guess I could take the advice of the 80's group Milli Vanilli and BLAME IT ON THE RAIN (and yes, that song is playing through my computer as I type this). Of course it hasn't rained here in a week...

Happy Quilting


  1. ONE? The whole floor area is filled with gutted fish fabric.

  2. That is because tliuq, the patchwork gnome, likes to make pictures of himself with blocks. Don't you see that it is his face?

  3. Now YOU did it! I'll be singing that nasty cr@p all day.....
    It's fixing to rain here by this weekend. Maybe you'll get some too.
    I'll be in Kansas in Oct to visit with my bud Cotie. I think there is a show in Oct in Kansas City MO - I'm not going to that - just visiting with another long arm quilter freind of mine.

    Sam in Middle TN

  4. Dang you and your Milli Vanilli reference!

    I like the fish :O)

  5. Oooooh.... I have some of that fish fabric, too!!! I made 2 pillow cases for my father, with it.


    Well, I've been using some of it in Eye Spy quilt blocks!

    Pretty cool fabric, eh?

    Neat idea with the strips and 9 inch blocks, though. *s*


  6. Thankfully someone invented the seam ripper. I find myself using it more than I want to. LOL. I loved Milli Vanilli. Too bad they were a farce.

  7. Most of us quilters turn a block or sew a piece in the wrong spot...and it is so good to know we all do this one time or the other. Thanks for a seam ripper! I had so much fun reading your post. We all have those "unsewing" moments. LOL


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