Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Completed Projects!!

I'm back with yet more completed projects!!! And for you my lucky reader, you get to read about and witness the awesomeness that are my COMPLETED PROJECTS!!!!

A quilt...

I finally got this one done and delivered...
(sorry about the pic, it was a windy day!!)

You remember this guy don't you?

Well, I finally cut a 6 inch wide strip off of him, sewed a few seems... and got this...

The Back

The Front

Whats on the inside you ask????

For the woman who has everything, its a feminine product pouch!!!
You know you want one!!! If you do, email me, I'll trade you one pouch for 1 fat quarter!

Friday, April 9, 2010

And the Winner is.......

Since this was my give away, we're going to play by MY rules... You'll notice I didn't give a day or time for entries to be in... That time was 10:45 pm Friday April 9th (a few moments ago!). I didn't use, I went old school and printed all your wonderful comments cut them apart, removed duplicate commenters (it was only fair!) and had my wonderful wife (who has a blog at Disconnected Stitches ) draw the winner out of a big stainless steal bowl. Apparently lightning does strike twice for some people (or more times right Gene??) because Anya was chosen as the winner. Back in October during our anniversary give away, Anya was the winner and received 13 fat quarters, now she's got 2 charm packs plus a yard (maybe more) of coordinating fabric from the Civil War Homefront line by Moda. I may even toss in a little something extra. Congratulations to Anya and thank you all for the great comments.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A mile stone.... a quilt.... a give away.. and a gripe..

Yes ladies and gents... Tis I, the Flatout Quilter!! I'm back with progress! This is my 100th post.

This is my latest finished quilt... Delivered it to the owner this afternooon!!!

pardon the pic.. The wind was blowing 30 miles per hour!!!

Now the gripe...While digging up information on the upcoming Kansas City Shop Hop I found this blog you'll notice the start of the 3rd paragraph...Apparently only LADIES will be doing this hop.. I've come to the conclusion that the author can BITE ME!!! I know plenty of male quilters, belong to a bunch of male quilter groups, and know I'm not the only male quilter in the world. I'm tired of people thinking that quilting is just a "ladies only" activity... END GRIPE...

The give away... In honor (or is that horror?) of my 100th post I've giving away this..

One lucky winner will receive 2 charm packs of Civil War Homefront by Barbra Brackman for Moda plus 1 yard of coordinating fabric in the blue star pattern. Heres the catch... Leave a comment... thats all... no 'you have to tell your friends about this'. I want to say Thank You to YOU my faithful readers these past 100 posts. Well okay, if you'd like to scoot over to that other blog and tell the author what you think about her "ladies" reference go for it... I may throw in something extra!!!

Thanks again for following, and happy quilting or crafting, or arting or whatever you do!!!