Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the ugly side of Kansas City

It seems yet again the ugly side of the Kansas City quilting community shows its ugly head. I'm not good enough for an elitist group of quilters or their guild. About a week ago, I suggested we (the guild) make a quilt for a member's daughter. It was all well and good, made a post about it on the guild site, and had a great response. As of today, I have no clue the status of this project. All discussion has been removed from the site, someone else has 'taken over' and all the decisions were made when a few of the members attended a sewing day (I couldn't attend due to work scheduling). Fine... I requested I be kept in the loop and I'd make a block to help out. Fast forward to today. I received a piece of fabric in the mail, I thought cool, I can make the block... After measuring it, and with the block they want to make I'm a few inches short. The piece looks like a left over. And its not even cut straight not to mention that to make the block they want, I'd have to use the selvage.

After discussing the quilt project with another member, she invited me to join a VIRTUAL quilting bee. I agreed to join and even made arrangements to attend the next guild meeting (and meetings following in order to meet the obligations of the bee). So late Tuesday evening I get a message saying I was removed because they wanted to make the bee for people who were committed to the guild. Fine... Take your bee and well you know...

Shall we ice the male quilter hater cake? Some of the people who are in the guild were also friends on facebook. Guess what??? of the 6 that were on my list, one remains, but I figure after she reads my reply to her "you're out of the bee" message, she'll unfriend me too. Thats okay, she's apparently stopped following my blog as well. It's her loss.

Some free advice from me:
If you're a guy and you make quilts, stay the hell away from Kansas City.

I'm not the only male quilter in the area who has been treated this way.