Friday, November 19, 2010

To answer the question that keeps you up at night...

And you're thinking "what question could that possibly be?". The question is "What is Greg & Brooke playing with these days?" The answer is in a short photo display.... Enjoy!!!
These are the 80 (yes 80!) fat quarters I won playing Quilt Bingo. You should play the next round, you could win! The last round was hosted by Tonya. Thank you Tonya!

We got these fabrics from the St. Joseph (Mo.) Sewing Center. We were looking for backing fabric for a couple of quilts and possibly a few more pillowcases. We even got a discount on the sale price. It pays to have a shop owner in your local guild!!

And on a return trip to the St. Joseph Sewing Center, to pick up a bag of projects we left there over the weekend, these mysteriously found there way into our project bag. There are 9 different prints with at least 3 yards each, most of them are 5 plus yards. Thanks Lana! This donation will go a long way to provide kids quilts to those who need them!

Buster my Accuquilt GO! cutter even did a short demo at SJSC.. He really likes the owners and staff there!! They feed him!

These bright fabrics came from Quilters Quarters in Leavenworth Kansas. We purchased 7 yards of fabric and got 7 free!! Quilters love freebies!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

My current project

This is an EQ6 rendering of my current project. The outer blocks are 12 inches finished the inner block that makes the big star will measure 24 inches. I posted this last night on facebook and changed the placment of a few blocks (orange in the corners). I think it looks better this way.

These blocks were cut with an Accuquilt GO! The dies used were the chisels, 3 inch finished triangle, the 6 inch finished square and the 6 inch finished triangle. You'll remember from my last post that I had friends cut my triangles..If you can guess what arrived on my doorstep today (without my knowledge!) I'll let you stay up late Friday night.

Here's my original design, I didn't like the way the orange blocks played with the center block so I sent them to the corners.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I've been busy

Hi! Remember me? I know you thought I fell off the face of the blogger world but rest assured I am very much alive and well.

I've been working on a project that came from the brain of my friend Gene. He came up with a pattern using the Accuquilt GO! chisel and 3 inch finished triangle to make a variation on the friendship star.

Now keep in mind I have the chisel die, not the 3 inch triangle die... How'd I manage to cut my triangles?? Easy....My friend Judy Danz and I were part of SewCalGal's Accuquilt GO! Fabric swap. And Judy was kind enough to cut them for me... BUT... I ran out of triangles... I've managed to get 6 blocks done and am hoping for another 6 to 10 blocks to make a quilt. So, being the resourceful guy I am, I went to the creator of the pattern and Gene has agreed to cut more triangles for me... Maybe Santa will be nice and put tthe triangle die in my stocking this year.