Monday, November 8, 2010

My current project

This is an EQ6 rendering of my current project. The outer blocks are 12 inches finished the inner block that makes the big star will measure 24 inches. I posted this last night on facebook and changed the placment of a few blocks (orange in the corners). I think it looks better this way.

These blocks were cut with an Accuquilt GO! The dies used were the chisels, 3 inch finished triangle, the 6 inch finished square and the 6 inch finished triangle. You'll remember from my last post that I had friends cut my triangles..If you can guess what arrived on my doorstep today (without my knowledge!) I'll let you stay up late Friday night.

Here's my original design, I didn't like the way the orange blocks played with the center block so I sent them to the corners.


  1. You got a triangle die in on your doorstep. That is my guess. So I am going to stay up late on Friday night because I just feel in my bones I am RIGHT>

  2. Looks wonderful are going to burn that go up...but you go Greg!!

  3. I like how you reworked your original design.

  4. I like it! I love the friendship star block! I really like how you reworked it too, it looks great!

  5. Wow! GO really opens up a new world!


  6. You work, right? And you're married .... and you quilt.... and now you're playing with your "Go" machine and you can ALSO do EQ and design quilt patterns?!?!??!?!?

    Do you get to sleep?!?!?


    Actually, I was writing to tell you that your quilt pattern (and it's colors) are SPECTACULAR!!!!

    Ever think about becoming a designer, writing books, teaching and of course, quitting your full-time job? *grin*

    Tks for sharing, my friend!

    Up north, here in Canada, eh?

  7. Love that pattern! I still have to make a quilt where I used is going to be beauitful!

  8. I think you are close to creating a super design that needs to be published! I haven't seen any published designs for the chisel die and believe there are many new quilters that are looking for patterns to buy to use with their GO!


  9. Just saw you won the FQs at "I Play Quilt BINGO" - congratulations! I participated, and it was a fun way to spend waiting for the numbers to be posted each day, huh? Congratulations again!

  10. Greg, I like the look here on your site..Have you changed it lately? It looks different or my eyes have changed!


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