Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Completed Projects!!

I'm back with yet more completed projects!!! And for you my lucky reader, you get to read about and witness the awesomeness that are my COMPLETED PROJECTS!!!!

A quilt...

I finally got this one done and delivered...
(sorry about the pic, it was a windy day!!)

You remember this guy don't you?

Well, I finally cut a 6 inch wide strip off of him, sewed a few seems... and got this...

The Back

The Front

Whats on the inside you ask????

For the woman who has everything, its a feminine product pouch!!!
You know you want one!!! If you do, email me, I'll trade you one pouch for 1 fat quarter!


  1. I was up early this morning because I could not sleep and I am just a laughing are tooo funny (sorry if you did't mean to be)....that fish, on that pouch....tooo funny....

    Love the quilt.

  2. I love the quilt. As for the pouch, is Brooke going to be carrying one of those?

  3. Love the quilt, laughed about the pouch.

  4. Greg, thanks for sharing your finished quilts. Your black and white quilt is stunning...I love it!

  5. Though I am not in need of a pouch, I have to say that couldn't have chosen a better fabric! That fish looks like that time of the month feels!

  6. Ha, ha, ha! That is one scary puffer fish on the pouch. Love it. And the Aidden quilt is so cool. Love the geometric design!

  7. Gene - I requested the pouch! And it's in my purse today. I agree, the puffer fish was PERFECT!

  8. Loooove Aidden's of my sons was here and said "Mom that's a cool one!!" So I may need instructions!! hahaha...

    About the pouch...don't need one but TOTALLY agree with Melissa..!



  9. GREAT quilt....and what a riot that pouch is.....because of the fabric you chose! (And I don't need one, either, but thanks for the offer! LOL)

  10. I am game for a swap of a fat quarter for that pouch! I love to fish, so don't I need that? LOL
    Anyways, send me your snail address, if you want to swap. The quilt is just stunning...lots of movement in it!

  11. Great eye poppin' quilt. Won't even comment on the're too fun!

  12. Love the quilt and I don't think you could be discreet with that pouch. LOL

  13. The B&W quilt is stunning.

    I can't rock the pouch... people would be asking what it was & want to look inside.... :)

  14. Greg,
    You definitely rock the world of quilting! As I've said before... you are way too funny~ Those are actually pretty handy for us ladies, like "products" aren't ugly enough... we can store them in a BLOWFISH bag!!!!! LOL ;)
    Bahahahaa!!!! OKAY, stop laughing... I really do love having a place to put them in my purse!

    That b&w quilt is awesome, congrats on such a magnificent completed project!
    It was great to see you today and send our hello's to Brooke!!!
    BTW, I didn't realize that the person in the car was you this evening until you were already a block away!

  15. Just checked out your blog and I LOVE your quilt for Aidden! See, bright and fav. I'm gonna have to check in more often and see what you're up to. Whatcha gonna do with the florals?

    Patty in NV

  16., the lunch bag turned into something not quite as appealing :) but, fitting... puffed up, bloated, prickly fish pouch...
    Too bad, I'm no longer in need of those items..
    (could use a pouch for chapstick & medicine/bandaids or maybe mini sewing kit??)
    ..Love the B & W quilt!

  17. That puffer fish fabric? A quilting buddy of mine has been looking ALL OVER for yardage! (You might have heard of her: Marcia of Quilter's Cache, Is there any yardage left at the place you bought it? If so, would you please email me or her the location? She would be SOOOO greatful! :-)

    I had a very BIG square of that stuff and used every inch of it for a throw pillow in my living room. :-) You can see the pillow at :-)

  18. What cool products!! I just "met you" and I am totally impressed!, will be replying to your post on my blog about the "badge and guns" the saga continues.


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