Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aunt Sadie (revisited), fair quilts and garden tractor pulls

Thats right my quilting kiddos, I (along with my wife) visited Aunt Sadie's Quilt Shop again. The service was again OUTSTANDING!!! My wife is constructing a baby quilt, in black on white, white on black and red print fabrics( the soon-to-be child's parents are Nebraska Cornhusker fans, but we won't hold that against them). For me its easy, I see something I buy it. My wife on the other hand knows what shes looking for even before we step into a shop. We were looking for only 5 fat quarters and the staff of Aunt Sadie's went way out of their way to help us, even referring us to other quilt shops in the area (they even tried to contact 1 before we drove to it.). We did manage to get 3 of the 5 FQ plus a little bit of other fabric. The hunt for fabric is worth making stops at all your LQS's in my book, it stimulates the local economy as well. Aunt Sadie's is my favorite quilt shop. They have the BEST staff around. And they'll even help a guy without busting his chops like some people at the local Big Box store. Aunt Sadie's is located in the same place as last time, if you're in the KC/Leavenworth or Topeka area, drive over to Winchester and say hello, they're open Thursday and Friday 10 to 5 and Saturday 9 to 4. Tell 'em you read about 'em on my blog. And no, I don't get anything if you do tell 'em.

After returning home, we decided to venture to our county fair. We managed to see the entries by the local 4H clubs as well as individuals. We got to see the 25 quilts that were entered this year. Kind of depressing if you ask me. Think I'll throw down a challenge to my guild at our next meeting just to see if we can't get more quilts entered.

We also watched grown "boys" hook their garden tractors to a sled and see how far they could pull it. Some of them looked as if they were serious about this sport. I overheard a conversation from one participant that said his modified tractor had $7500 wrapped up in modifications. My favorite was the all pink tractor (named the pink panther). The custom paint was great and the back of the seat read "You just got smoked by a girl". And she was pulled from the audience to compete against guys that could be her grandfather and she came in 3rd!

All in all a busy day but I didn't touch my machine or even think about my current quilt. I will this weekend I promise.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun time of it, Greg . . . now, get back to quilting, LOL!!


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