Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Monday!

I managed to get a little quilting done this weekend. I worked on my quilting class project a little, getting the 12 blocks put together in 4 strips.  Played with Raymond's tiles too! That was  late Saturday night into eary Sunday morning. Sunday night while serving dinner, I tripped over the hellion and ended up breaking a sauce pan with my face. I have a fat lip that is roughly the size of Texas. At least at this early hour it doesn't hurt all that much. If this is the worst thing that happens to me this week, it's going to be a good week!  There are a few more give-a-ways in blogland, read my two previous posts for more info. And I'm up to 15 followers!!! Thanks!


  1. That's your story and your stickin' to it, right??

    Have you tried applying an ice-pack to your lip to reduce the swelling??

  2. I've had ice on it for the past few hours. Was running around town all morning and couldn't figure out a way to attach the ice to my face and still drive safely!!

  3. Greg, I found your blog after I saw you as a follower on several of the blogs I follow. Its nice to see men that quilt. I hope your lip feels better.

  4. Hope your face is feeling better. I am always tripping over my cats.

    I love reading your blog. Interesting with that dash of humour. Having a look at Raymond's tiles. Encourage him to write a book. Could I see yours? Think I might have a go at them too. I'm not normally into that sort of quilting but saw an interesting one here in Oz ages ago and it won't leave the head.

  5. I'll post some info on my tile designs probably Tuesday. I don't really need to encourage Ramond about a book, as it's in the works now and he's giving parts and pieces away on his blog as well as the NGQ Tile Addicts group. (The link to join the group is located onthe right side of this page.)


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