Thursday, August 27, 2009

PIF... It could be you!

Okay, so here's the deal...I'm PIFing.... Thats right this is based on the movie Pay It Forward. I'm to Pay It Forward to 3 of you lucky readers since I am on the receiving end of the PIF from Rosa. So the next 3 peeps that leave me a comment, and who I am able to contact for their address will receive from me, a totally neat-o freebie. And yes it will be quilting related. The only thing is, you have to pay it forward giving to 3 others. Its a ramdom act of sensless kindness!!!! So if you're up for it... Leave me a comment.. The first 3 comments get the freebie...

Due to commitments already in place, your freebies will be mailed next Wednesday.

And no Brooke, you can't enter.


  1. Dang! i think I'm too late!

    Sam in Middle TN

  2. Hey Greg, I didn't have much time to read your blog when I joined as a follower earlier so thought I'd come back, is it possible that I'm number #3 for a prize??

  3. I'm happy to be part of ant PIF, I think its a great idea! Good for you!


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