Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And the wait.......


It's been 3 weeks since I got my new machine. It was supposed to arrive with a darning foot and a walking foot. But they were not in the box when I opened it. So I played number punching on the phone until I got a hold of customer service from the place I bought it. I told them of the error and was assured they'd take care of the issue. 6 days later, I get a small box via UPS.. Goodie, my missing feet are here.. WRONG ANSWER!!! I got another darning plate and the standard sewing foot, both of which were in the box originally. So I call the customer service department of the worlds largest retailer AGAIN... I get to talk to them plus the machine manufacturer (3 way calling is fun!). Told them of the issue, proved my machine should have come with those accessories (pictures speak 1000 words!) and was assured I'd have the correct parts within a week. Well what do ya know, a small box from UPS today! Yeah! Kinda.... Open the box... I got the darning foot... but no walking foot. Instead I have a set of bi-level spring action guides. WTF Mary? What are Bi-level spring action guides used for? So I call the machine manufacturer, and tell the guy I've got the wrong parts AGAIN! He doesn't deal with sewing machines, he's in some other department... I'm transferred 3 times before I was told to call the retailer again. So I just got off the phone with customer service again, they've supposedly contacted the manufacturer about their error. I guess I'll see in a week.. If this keeps up, I could have their entire accessory catalog at my disposal.Maybe I'll open my own parts department. All I really want is my walking foot... plain and simple.


  1. Sorry to hear about your ordeal...that can be SUCH A PAIN!! Sometimes you wonder how can they screw up something THAT SIMPLE!!...but...we keep wishing...LOL

    Hope they get it right soon!!



  2. Do you hate the situation enough to return the whole machine? I HAVE done that before....

    Sam in Middle TN

  3. I am rather curious about this. What type and model of machine is it? (yes I am nosy!) I already looked to see who the retailer is.

    Did you order the machine or buy it in store?

  4. I'm with Gene I want to know the brand and model and the retailer, but moving on. (just guessing here, but I think your machine is Babylock or a Brother Sewing machine. I'm going with Brother since I believe you can only get a babylock from a dealer.

    This is why you should always buy a sewing machine from a dealer. They can get you the parts that you need, they know what your talking about and you get classes.

    Your bi-level spring action guides foot would be great to sew on binding by machine. Your binding would fit right up next to the guide on the left and stitch on top of the binding. This is how I put on my binding.

  5. Well at least they speak english....even if they can't type it so the right part is sent LOL.


  6. Yes, I was just thinking that at the rate you are going you will have the parts to build a second machine - of course, neither will have a walking foot....

  7. Say there guy let me know if you get a bobbin case for janome 6500, I need one and I will pay good!! LOL ain't that the way it goes. I love your blog.

  8. Good Luck getting the right parts. Sometimes you gotta love customer service.

  9. Well that is a pain! I remember when I bought my new machine and it was dropped off at the wrong address. I remember driving by that house and seeing a box by the door and thinking that it looked like a sewing machine. It was my machine and the lady was so excited. Her birthday was coming up and she thought it was a present from her husband. When I got it home, the extention table and some feet were missing. It only took me one phone call. I hope you get the correct parts soon! :)


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