Saturday, September 26, 2009

A cool Give Away...

Pat over at Silver Thimble Talk is having a give away with some really cool freebies for you IF you win. Look at it this way, if you enter thats one less chance for me to win.. Go now, Pat will pick the winner on the 27th...


  1. Hi Greg!! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog... sorry if the last couple of days there has been no activity but my mom who's 83 and lives with me hasn't being feeling well...But last night I needed an outlet and started sewing again so later I'll post something and I hope you like it...

    Enjoy your weekend and God bless,


    **almost forgot...thanks for giving me the change to keep you from winning Pat's prize LOL

  2. Thank You I will mosey on over to the Silver Thimbles Talk and keep you from winning. Heee Heee

  3. Thanks for sending me over to Pat's.

  4. Say there Greg I am having a mini-giveaway startin in the morning go check it out of course I have to take pic and get it on blog in am.


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