Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quilt BINGO!

Okay.. Okay... Okay... I know in a previous post I said they (who ever THEY are) should rename the game of BINGO to OH CRAP!. I have joined a quilting version of bingo in which you "buy" cards by sending in FAT QUARTERS. If you win the game you receive ALL the FAT QUARTERS paid in for cards. Sound like fun? I thought so, and look at it this way, if YOU win you'll be getting FAT QUARTERS from my stash! How cool is that? C'mon Gene, this could be yet another thing YOU win!!! Click here to visit this rounds host's blog. And here for info on quilt Bingo!

Oh lookie, I mentioned FAT QUARTERS 3 no 4 times! (for more info read the "WTF Mary series", links in the right column)



  1. Every time I have played BINGO it really should have been called "OH CRAP" cause I never win at it.

  2. please oh please don't be giving GENE anything else to win. he's hogging it all. ;)

  3. I am NOT a bingo player...makes me nervous waiting to yell BINGO (or Oh, Crap...whichever comes first). :)

  4. Sorry, I love my FAT Quarters and will not part with them.


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