Monday, October 12, 2009

And the bouquet was caught by......

We had a total of 74 comments between our two blogs. You all have some great advice, and yes Gene we've used your tips!

We took each comment, assigned it a number depending on the date & time stamp, and asked the bloggers friend RANDOM.ORG to tell us who won. The lucky number is 64 and that number was assigned to to Anya the Hills Creek Quilter. Congrats to Anya and Thank You to the rest of you for your wonderful tips.


  1. It's my lucky day! Thanks so much for picking me and happy anniversary to you both!

  2. Well...gosh...your wording here is the exact same as your wife's....LOL......I should word my comment just the same as the one I posted there, but.....I'm not! Anyway....congrats O Anya and best wishes to the two of you for many more years of wedded bliss!!!

  3. *long drawn out theatrical sigh*

    Always a brides maid, never a bride... And since I'm not quite 5 feet tall, I've never even caught a bouquet, in REAL life, either!!!


    Of course I'm jealous and I'll eventually get over it.

    Anya... I truly AM happy that you got this gorgeous bouquet....

    And you two - have an EXCELLENT anniversary - break open the champagne, candles and of course.... the box of chocolates!!! *VBG*


  4. Congrats to Anya.. WooHoo... Enjoy the Fabric..


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