Thursday, October 1, 2009

Want some free Moda?

My blogging friend the fabricartist21 is having a give away. She's got 4 FQ's and a 1/2 yard of coordinated Moda fabric in a leaf print to give away. What better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons other than with a flu shot? And you don't need to get poked in the butt with this give away!!! Go here for the details.


  1. Thanks Greg! I am always up for more blogs, especially quilting ones. Thanks for sharing about the fabric MODA give away. I love your blog, full of great info. I am new to blogging and will definately follow yours! Thanks, ~Stephanie from Maryland

  2. Greg maybe your doctor is a little weird but I always get my flu shot in the arm. ;O)

  3. Thanks to you and yours and I just love your sense of humor. We all need to laugh more and that is my tip for you and your partner. LAUGH MORE....Thanks for helping me to get more followers.


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