Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa

Yo Whats up Fat Guy..

My friends over at the Fat Quarter Shop told me to cruise through their site and pick something for ME!! Guess what? I think I've been really good this year, my must be completed projects for 2009 are DONE and I've even started my 2010 projects early. I've kept my needle sharp, my bobbins wound and my stash somewhat in check. So if you should happen to find room in your sack for that special gift for ME I'd really really like the Blessings Fat Quarter bundle. (See picture below)

Even though it would initially be mine, the finished project would more than likely be donated to our local Domestic Violence shelter to be given to one of the women who seek a safe place to live. I really don't ask for much, but in the spirit of giving tis better to give than receive and I'd give the bundle away after I've cut and sewn it back together. So it's more like I'm the middle man.

Thank you Santa. And as always, there will be beer and good snacks in the fridge when you get here. I know you get tired of cookies and milk.


  1. too much! :) santa's a lucky man... beer and snacks??? i'll dress up in a fat suit!! haha
    how are you guys?

  2. Awesome letter - I hope you win!!

  3. Hey...I tried to bribe him with spiked eggnog before you mentioned beer! What are you trying to do......make him pick YOU instead of me?? LOL


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