Friday, January 1, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.....

2009 Is gone... I've spent the greater part of the year quilting, completing 15+ projects. Listed below are my top ten items I found made it easier to finish my projects.

Heres my top 10..

10. My notions... Including my cutter, seem ripper (ergonomic even!) quilting pins, and thread scissors.

9. Essential thread from Connecting Threads they have a ton of colors and it comes on a 1200 yard spool for less than $2.

8. My sewing machine. I spent 4 weeks trying to get the accessories the website SAID came with it. Since my machine arrived, it's completed most of my projects. No more sharing a machine with my wife.

7. Freebies!! I won these from a couple of blog give aways... I'll know what day it is thanks to Ryan at I'm just a Guy Who Quilts and the book came as a multi-part win from Carin at Conceived Without Regard for Reason or Reality . I also won a kit from Carin, pics to be posted soon.

6. Quilters Tons and Tons of FREE patterns...

5. The QuiltGuy Yahoo! Group. Lots of talented guys who quilt.

4. Aunt Sadie's Quilt Shop. In a very small town. Open 3 days a week. Unbeatable customer service. Worth the trip if you're in the area.

3. Raymond K. Houston. Owner, operator, and mad genius behind Nacho Grandmas Quilts. Both the BLOG and WEBSITE. Raymond does amazing work.

2. Charlie Scott owner of the It's Just Me blog. He also does amazing work. He keeps creating quilts even though two of his quilts have been quiltnapped by his long arm quilter. Shame on you Amber!!!!

and my number 1...

My wife and quilting partner, Brooke, the driving force behind the Disconnected Stitches blog. It's great that I can bounce ideas and color choices off of her and she'll give me her honest opinion.

So, thats my top 10. I read over 100 quilting related blogs and all of them are great reads. If I had the time to list them all I would.


  1. Awe you're so sweet. I'm surprised I'm above Raymond and Charlie. LOL.

  2. Greg, you ARE so sweet!!

    I'm surprised I'm on the list in the first place!! LOL!!

  3. Hey, I didn't see my name in there!

    Ha ha.. Great list, Greg.

  4. GREAT list...and wonderful idea for a post!!! (tchh....tchhhh....shame on you for leaving Gene out!!! LOL)

  5. What a list~ I feel warm and fuzzy inside thinking of all of the cozy quilts that come from those tools! (Even MORE warm and fuzzy knowing your #1!!!!) :)
    You two are awesome!

  6. What a wonderful top 10 Greg. I cannot wait to see what you and Brooke make next :)

  7. I have to say it....that is soooooooooooo sweet!!!

  8. First:

    Thanks for the links!


    Though your number one is as it should be, if you were my husband I would have to ask, "What did you break?"

    BTW - Glad to hear you were able to strong arm the dealer into finally sending all the right pieces-parts for the new machine!

  9. greg...found you through charlie's blog...always glad to find another kansas quilter. i didn't know about the shop in winchester. i'm north of lawrence, so that's pretty close to me! yeah!!

  10. I have one of those same cutters and ergonomic seam ripper. Love it.
    I found the 2" glass pins this year and absolutely love those. Awe sweet to have Brooke number #1 and quilting partner.

  11. thanks for the thread link. I am always looking for a good price on thread.

  12. I love, love, LOVE Connecting Threads thread! I've gotten to the point where I buy the large cones now - $7.99 for 5000 yards. I can piece everything with black, white, natural or cream. Great top 10 list and great blog - it's my first visit!


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