Saturday, June 12, 2010

I promise...

I follow upwards of 75 different blogs. Its really hard to keep up with each and every one. But I have determined that some of those 75 are no longer active, meaning their last post was over 6 months ago. I will be weeding those blogs out and focusing on those that are currently active. With this and the new direction of Flat Out Quilting , I promise to read your posts and to leave at least 1 comment a week. All to often, I read a blog and not leave a comment. I do enjoy all the blogs I read and want to make sure each author knows I'm still here and still reading. The inspiration and ideas I get from each blog is greatly appreciated.



  1. I know that I need to weed my blog list too. I just keep thinking they will start back up. But I am probably kidding myself.

  2. I think many of us are finding it hard to keep up with blogs. Now that I have over 200 followers, most of whom have blogs, I try to visit each of them but find I can only visit some of them very rarely now. It is a real tussle for me to decide what to do......delete many of them from my list...or just read my "regulars" and a few extra each day? Trouble is...a lot of the ones I follow do post regularly, so I can't even say I"m deleting them because they'd stopped posting. Hmmmmmm..what to do???

  3. I follow...are you sitting down...over 1,000 blogs. there is no way I get to them all daily or even weekly. I try to read and comment at least once a month, some get hit by me more often just by the nature of the blog. so if you do not see me doesn't mean I haven't visited or skimmed through some posts.
    and frankly this past month..whew> first I was real sick with an upper respiratory infection AND bronchitis,then my son showed up for what was supposed to be a 2 week visit, and he then informs us he is moving back home and now the fire, so...never a dull moment :)

    I really need to get away for a while!!

  4. So what is this new direction?

    also...I follow over 300, been trying to weed out as is hard....and yes, so many inspirational people out there.

  5. Hey there, It's very hard to visit blogs and get quilting done alsol. Lately I've been getting more quilting done.

  6. I follow over 300. Periodically go thru a cleanup process, but then find I later add some back in. Lately, I've stopped worry about the cleanup and just use Google/Reader to pre-view posts to see if I want to read it. Helps to enable fast skimming of so many blogs, yet being able to take time to dig in, where appropriate it. So many inspirational blogs I'd hate to overlook one!


  7. More blog time = less sewing time. I'm not that loyal........But you're a good read! Especially when you get little old ladies riled up...


  8. I guess this was a good place to post my question. Do you have a place where I can get your post updates via e-mail? I see where I can be a "follower", but I can't access blogs from work, however, if you send your updates via e-mail, I can read them. Sneaky, huh? there a way I can get your post updates via e-mail?


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