Thursday, June 10, 2010

A new direction....

I noticed this evening that in less than 30 days my little piece of blogland here at Flat Out Quilting will turn 1 year old. In the spirit of all things bloggy, watch for a new and improved FOQ. I promise to bring you more WIPs, some completed projects, a ton of WTHWITs, more humor and of course sarcasm (you know you like it!) and a give away or two.

Until then,



  1. Sometimes I worry about you and other times I just shake my head and laugh. Love ya!

  2. I'm thinking maybe we need to set up a Trading Post in Blogland.....maybe some of MY WTHWIT's would appeal to you and maybe some of YOURS would appeal to me. Stranger things have happened!!! Happy ALMOST Anniversary to your blog!!! (Wonder if Mary...was that her name???....will show up for the celebration??? LOL)

  3. I hope the new and improved is as good as the old and fun. I remember "new coke" bleh!

  4. Hey Greg, Looking forward to seeing those new projects.


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