Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Thats right, today, Friday July 9th is my blog's anniversary. Think about that for a moment. It's scary to think that a severely sarcastic guy who quilts is allowed to spew forth his thoughts for all the world to read. What I find amazing, is that YOU, yes you, have decided that I'm worthy of your time. After all I have 75 of the best followers any blogger could have. For that I'm grateful and thank you. And now it's time for the sweets... a little eye candy if you will..

These tumblers were sent to me by Pat from A Little of This and a Little of Pat . Thanks again Pat!

Who wants some goodies from me? Heres what I'll do... I'll open my ultra secret stash, the one I use for special projects, the one my wife doesn't even have access to and I'll send you a little anniversary package, whats in it? Good question... I guarantee you'll get usable pieces, some charms, fat quarters, 1/2 yards (maybe a full yard or two!!), it'll be whatever I find and can fit in a FRB (thats Flat Rate Box). I will ship internationally too, because I know I have some Canadian, Irish, British, and Australian followers and I'd hate to leave you out, after all, you are part of my success too!!!

Now for all the legal bullsnot..
This give away is open from NOW, until I say its closed.

This give away open to:

1. Those who leave a comment. Said comment must be in English, or sarcasm. I'm fluent in both languages.
2. Those who live somewhere on Earth. The USPS's rates for shipping to other planets is out of this world!

The fine print, big enough to read.

You DO NOT need to blog about it, share it on facebook, or shave your dog (but if you shave my blog address into your dog's fur and send a pic I'll give you 10 extra entries!!).

Thanks again for a great year. The second year is going to be great as long as I have great followers like you!


  1. oh happy anniversary... i would love some goodies from your secret stash...

  2. Well the cat's out of the bag now! Brooke sure knows about your little secret now! LOL I'd love to see what you've been hiding! Happy Bloggiversary old chap! (said in the very bestest queens english!)

  3. You are a hoot Greg, and you always make me smile! Happy Blog Anniversary, and I am the lucky duck knowing you. As to shaving our dogs, I don't think they'd let us do that..the aggression would not be worth the 10 pts.
    May you have many more anniversaries and it is wonderful sharing your creativity.

  4. Happy anniversary. Laughed and laughed over your humor. The tumbler quilt turned out cute as you have an eye for colors. Thanks for the giveaway. I'm a scrapaholic.

  5. Happy BLOGIVERSARY, Greg!!! I love your "take" on have a way with words...that's for sure!!! Also, I am amazed that with the crazy, wild variety of blocks I sent to you, that you were able to make such a carefully designed quilt with them! I love how you worked it accepted the challenge AND won, I believe!!!

  6. Aaaaargh.... count me in, matey!

    *said in my best (French) pirate accent*


    Don't ask why I pretended I'm a pirate.... it's FRIDAY and I'm relaxing with my favorite coffee!!! *VBG*

    Happy, Happy, HAPPY blog-ah-versary, my friend!!!!

    I LOVE winning - doesn't happen often enough, IMHO... AND I love surprises!!!!

    Tks, Bud!

    Keep up the blogging and making us LOL - LOVE reading your blog!!!

    *Up North, Here in Canada, eh?*

  7. So if Brooke comments can she win? I shouldn't be commenting since you say "Gene wins everything" Now if I win I will feel bad, for about 3 seconds.

  8. Happy Anniversary Greg! It was 112 degrees here today so my dogs would probably love to get shaved. (It's a dry heat) They are such little guys, I don't think I could fit your address in their fur. LOL It will make my day if I win. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Congratulations! Love the tumbler quilt!

  10. Congrats on your blog anniversary! I've enjoyed following your quilt journey. Your tumbler quilt is groovy, baby! Reminds me of lava lamps. Awesome!

  11. congrats! cant wait for more.....marcus

  12. One whole year! Amazing, and you keep on ticking.....way to go with the tumblers..they look great hanging there in the quilt.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Oh Greg, Congrats on your anniversary. Please pick me, please, please?

  14. You are just too funny....

    I think your wife is on to you from the post after this one......

  15. No dog to shave your address into. Rats. I'll have to settle for one entry. Congrats on your blog-iversary and thanks for a fun and intriguing giveaway!

  16. Grats! I love reading your blog, you're so funny :) I look forward to another year!

  17. Happy Anniversary, my friend!!

    (YOU?? Sarcastic??) say it isn't so!! (I thought this was NORMAL for you.)

  18. Wow, that's a lotta stuff to give away. I would love to win it and I know that ships come here!!

    Happy anniversary to you, it's been a great year.


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