Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Swap Options - Bloggers with AccuQuilt products Fabric Swap

I am participating in SewCalGal's Accuquilt Fabric Swap. In this swap I will cut your fabric with the dies that I have. Listed below are the dies that I currently have, and UPS willing, should have the 3 1/2 inch strip cutter by sundown on Monday the 18th. In return, I'll send you some fabric to be cut with dies that I do not have.

The dies I currently have include: (click on description to see the die cut shapes)


Die # 55038 Lullaby
Die # 55007 Round Flower

If you would like me to cut your fabric from these dies you'll need to attach your fusible to the back of the fabric BEFORE sending it to me. Also, these are multi-piece dies, please send a note as to which color is to be cut by each shape.

Classic Shapes:

Die # 55039 GO! Chisels - will cut both left and right pointed chisels. Unless you tell me otherwise
Die # 55078 Double Wedding Ring *
Die # 55020 6 1/2" Tumbler
Die # 55069 Winding Ways *

* These dies cut multiple pieces. If you'd like a multi-colored block please enclose a note as to piece colors.

Die # 55040 Diamonds (4x4 inches)
Die # 55004 Parallelogram
Die # 55019 Square - 4 3/4 inches
Die # 55000 Square - 6 1/2 inch
Die # 55001 Triangle - 6 1/2 inch (it's an HST!)


Die # 55017 2 1/2 Inch Strip - can also be used for 2 1/2 inch squares
Die # 55032 3 1/2 Inch Strip - can also be used for 3 1/2 inch squares **

** Pending UPS delivery on October 18th

The dies I'm looking for cuts from include the 5" Square, 3" Half Square Finished Triangle,and the 5 1/4" Rag Square.

Don't have an Accuquilt cutter? No problem, I'm still willing to cut fabric for you. Send me an email and we'll work something out. My email address is in my profile.


  1. Boy, you have a lot of neat! It looks like a fun swap...I just am too busy with my latest projects.
    Enjoy it!

  2. That is a good idea. I have one of the big accucut things like the GO . We have a ton of dies. I thought about cutting fabric for others but I just cant seem to get around to doing my own. Glad you are venturing out in this area. Hope you have so much work you cant get caught up. GOOD LUCK.


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