Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just me. Just Hi. I'm still alive. How goes things with you?


  1. HI! Not giving much away there! lol Things are ok, busy, but ok :) How about you?

  2. Yea! Glad to hear! Come out and play for awhile.....

  3. Welcome back, Greg (I've missed you . . .)

    I'm working on baby quilts and prayer quilts, these days (when I'm not posting to my other blog) . . .

    I'm going through Relational Volunteer training . . . when I'm done, I'll commit to visiting a person in a nursing home for one hour a week for a year. I was invited to join the Board of Directors for this group.

    Otherwise, the usual . . .

  4. You have been missed! I just made another charity quilt with that bug fabric. Where have you been????

  5. Sayin' hi back, things get crazy sometimes, huh?

  6. How about.... aaaaaah.... we MISSED YOU!?!?



  7. I would love to host a quilt show just for men on my blog to raise awareness of the beautiful quilts that you all create! I would not want to leave anyone out so you would not have to be a blogger in order to participate. I will have a way to include you.

    I have not yet put a post on my blog concerning this because I wanted to first see if there would be enough participation if I moved forward with the idea. I would obtain sponsors for prizes and each quilter would submit their favorite quilt to be included in a contest where any and everyone could vote on their favorites.

    The basic idea is that first, I will create a post on my blog with an infomercial with all pertinent information and when the quilt show would go live. This would run for at least a month so that word would reach as many as possible so that we have a large audience.

    On the first day of the show each quilter who had a blog would create a new post on his own blog showcasing his work with as many quilts as he wanted. I would love to see everyone post a photo along with a bio of himself and how and why he got into quilt making. You would then come to my blog where I would use a Link platform for you to link back to your own blog with the URL that goes directly to your post. This would make it easy for everyone coming to view the quilts and stories to find each quilter. You would email me a copy of the quilt you chose to go into the voting and all of these would all be uploaded into a photo sharing site and the votes would be sent to me via email so no-one could vote more than once.

    For those who do not blog and may not be computer savy, you will email me your bio and story with all of your photos, with the photo you chose to be included for voting notated as such, and I will create a post for you on my own blog using a dedicated page.

    I hope that several will find this very interesting and want to participate.

    My blog is located at: www.pigtalesandquilts.com

    Please email any questions you may have to: alliesgrandma@earthlink.net

    I look forward to working with you! And please feel free to forward this email to any and all male quilters that you may know!

    Please RSVP to let me know if you are interested. Thanks so very much!


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