Friday, July 17, 2009

Road Trip!

Life presents challenges when you're a quilter in the armpit of Kansas. Our LQS's are at least 45 minutes away. But on occasion you'll find one IYOBY! Well okay it's 30 minutes away, tucked into a small town that if you sneeze, you'll miss it. I visited Aunt Sadie's quilt shop in Winchester Ks. today. It's a nice place, friendly staff and some great prices on some great fabric. I found a bolt of Bali Batik for $4 a yard, did I buy any? NO. I'm kicking myself now, but thats one of those purchases that I'd end up buying the bolt and my wife asking what I would use it for.. But I did manage to get some nice neutral tones for some as of yet to be determined projects. After all, your stash can never be too big right? I got to see their Gammill set up in action, and their prices are exactly the same as other long arm quilters. If you're ever in the Kansas City or Topeka area, a short side trip to Aunt Sadie's will be worth your time.


  1. Hi! I've seen your posts in the Quilting Forum at and am checking out your blog. What other quilt/fabric shops are around your area? My husband and I need to go to Kansas City one of these days. Not only quilt shops but I like to look for little variety shops that also carry fabric. We'll be coming from the Oklahoma City area. Thanks! Donna

  2. There are LQS's in Hiawatha, Holton and Leavenworth as well as Winchester Ks. All about an hour drive (round trip) from Atchison. There are a bunch in the Kansas City area as well.


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