Friday, July 24, 2009

Well I've done it again. I've started yet another quilt without finishing one. Oh well, this one is a gift for my mother. I've decided that it's time she get one of my quilts. Here' s a little taste of what the blocks will look like. I've got 24 of these 18 inch blocks to make. I should have it done in no time.


  1. Such a lovely gift for your mother. Love the fabric.

  2. Thanks. This originally started out as a different pattern. I was gifted some of the fabric and found the rest at a local "big box" store. When I found I was a yard short my plans changed. I barely had enough to do the 25 blocks for this pattern.

  3. Lovely colours and prints for Mum. Does she quilt? I look forward to seeing this finished.


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