Friday, August 7, 2009

Abundant Stupidity

Okay, so this isn't an update as to my quilting activities, but I gotta get this off my chest.

While shopping my local big box store, I stopped in the fabric department to see if they had anything I couldn't live without. Ended up with just under 9 yards of green fabric in 3 different prints. It was $1 a yard! Gotta love when the Big Box decides to get rid of their fabric department!! I even talked with the 'cutter" and found out she's got a long-arm and is only 10 minutes away!!! Now onto what chaps my ass, steams my clams, and just down right pisses me off. While waiting for my new fabric to be cut, some "lady" (I'll use that term to be nice) demanded (not politely asked) to know what a man was doing in the fabric department. I told her I was a quilter and she proceeded to argue that no guys quilted. When I told her that I was even a one-armed quilter (I have a mild disability). She got all torqued up and said I couldn't be a quilter and left with out her fleece.. I have two words for you lady.... BITE ME!

End rant.

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have been down that road with you Greg I'm not sure what it is with some of these "ladies", but they are right down mean to us men...They can just "suck it"

  2. Well, that's the Big Box for you. Yet another reason not to shop there.

  3. Since my local "big box" is closing their fabric department sometime soon. My wife and I will have to drive at least 30 minutes for fabric. On a happy note, my 3 favorite LQS's are either a.) owned by a husband and wife team. b.) are small enough to giver personal attention to all who enter. c.) have men working there. Can't we all just quilt along?

  4. Ah, guys, we "ladies" and I do use that word loosely and sparingly, are not all this way. I'm proud to be apart of this big quilting community that has an ever growing male population. I love seeing what you fellas create and seeing thru your eyes for a change. It's not just "quilting" anyway, it's creating and expressing what we love, like, hate, dream about, aspire to, etc.etc.etc. Do what you love to do and be happy.
    P.S. if I'd have been in the shop with you, I would have actually bitten that woman.

  5. There is something about big box places that seems to bring out the worst in some people...My leather clad son quilts...I wonder how she would have taken him.

  6. I completely understand Greg. I've gone to one of my LQS' for the first time only to be cornered the minute I get there and asked If I can be helped. When I said I was "Just looking" I got a laugh and a yeah right and the person in charge said they "weren't buying what I was selling." I just told her I would spend my money somewhere else and walked out.

    That happens I guess when you live in a very rural area. Men aren't supposed to be creative. We're supposed to be walking around grunting and hitting stuff...


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