Friday, August 7, 2009

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

After spending a few days away from my current quilting project, I picked it back up today and made decent progress. I did find however that of the 135 6 inch blocks I managed to sew only 2 together incorrectly!!! I am so happy about that. I hate spending too much time with Jack the (seam) Ripper.

I have my BOM meeting Saturday and the way it looks my wife and I will be hitting the 8:30am session. Keep in mind it's about a 1 hour drive each way for us. So I have to get up early!! ARGH! and on a Saturday too... Oh well, it could be worse.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Two out of 135 are excellent odds, Greg . . . I try to avoid the Ripper too, unless I have no fabric to make replacement blocks.

  2. This quilt has 5 different fabrics, after cutting everything I had less than 1/2 inch of one of the colors, if I'd had more I would have just remade both of them.. But oh well, only 12 more 18 inch blocks to make..


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