Sunday, August 2, 2009

I survived Saturday with a bunch of my extended family. I took my finished quilts photo album and got all kinds of ooohs and ahhs. It makes a person feel good when they know someone likes their work. After getting back, I managed to finish my HST's so now all I have to do is put the pieces together to make the blocks. It shouldn't take too long to finish the top. Then I'll have to find someone to quilt the monster as its too big for my machine and I don't have a long arm,YET!

Happy quilting!


  1. How big will this quilt be?? . . . What kind of quilting design??

    (How soon are ya getting a longarm machine??)

    For now, I look forward to seeing the completed top.

  2. The top itself will be a 5x5 block design with 18 inch blocks. Unsure as to the design yet. My wife and I are crunching the numbers on a long arm!!


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