Thursday, September 10, 2009

At mary's request

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You wanted it... You got it...

Mary writes:

"Please cease and decease all blog posts and emails to myself for 48 hours until such a time I can review my options.


You don't even have to dress up.. Please be kind in your comments...Bring your friends!!! In 48 hours can someone stop by with a defibrillator please? Thanks


  1. Oh Mary Mary Quite Contrary,
    how did your panties get so twisted?
    You've gone and killed
    what brought so many thrills.
    I'm thinking you are due,
    for a little dose of what's true.

    Mary if you are reading these comments please check your OWN settings. I assume you joined this blog annoymously or Greg would have blocked you by now. I'm further assuming by this last message that you are getting the blog sent to your email account. This is due to the settings you invited - Greg is not emailing this blog to you. After the first emailed message we assumed that would be the end of it. Yet, YOU have contined to send messages to him. It is your behavior that constitues harassment, not Greg's. He's been a good sport and found amusment in this. Perhaps you could learn from it?

  2. LOL.. I don't want you to "decease" Greg.....maybe just a little desisting would satisfy Miss Malaprop!

  3. This is just a great big HOOT! (I also think Greg and Brooke could become a really successful author about having a way with words...BOTH of you!!!)

  4. OMG< don't you ever cease or decease. Now else will I ever get thru this biology book! I need you Greg and WTF Mary. Say, can I have WTF Mary's email address? I think I'd like to be penpals.

  5. See, we'd get along grate. I can't spell/type either. Or should that be neither....

  6. ROTFFLMFAO!!!!!! OMG....Please send Mary to my blog so I can have some fun too!

    Now performing CPR :)



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