Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will she EVER give up?

A few minutes after I posted about Myrtle's retirement, my friend & critic Mary sent me the email posted below. WARNING: the email is UNEDITED, meaning the spelling, grammar and choice of words are hers. Some people may find it offensive.I have in no way edited her email. If you have not read the previous WTF Myrtle please do so to gain some background on this what I consider to be humorous issue. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

WTF Mary???

Mary writes:

" If you do not stop, I will be force not to notify and have your account deleted. It is not nice of you to mislead people into thinking you will be discussing the use of fat quarters in quiting and the quiting process. Why do you not talk about fat quers in your blog? are you even a quilter or you just making fun of us who are? Please respond via email because I need to know when you reply to me. I have enjoyed your first few blog posts and think your quilts are pretty.


Please note I have honored Mary's request and have replied to her via email, after I changed clothes because I wet myself from laughing so hard (not really but close!). My reply is below

"Dear Mary:

I appreciate that you have read and enjoyed the first part of my blog and that you liked my quilts. my Blog was never meant to be educational to anyone nor do I ever claim it to be anything about fat quarters. If you read the tag line in the title you'll see a references to my geographical location - THE FLATLANDS of Kansas. This blog is my musings most of which are about my quilting as are the blog's I follow. I'm not sure from your continued emails that you are familiar with blogging or the site that hosts my blog. It is not Yahoo therefore they would have no power whatsoever to delete my account nor have I in any form violated the terms of the user agreement. I'm sorry that you mistook my blog for something it is not, but that is in no way my fault. Your emails and the tone in which they were written amused me and I chose to share them with my readers. Those words, once delivered to my inbox, are in fact my property. Had you not wanted them displayed, they should have never been written. I have decided to respond directly to you this time as you seemed to not be informed of this and I wanted to correct this mis-perception. I will however be sharing my enjoyment with my faithful blog followers as I see fit. I will not poke undo harm at you. I will simply let your statements stand as written. Thank you. "

Now lets look into Mary's email shall we?

Go ahead and "not to notify" babe, this is a google owned site and yahoo can't and I doubt will do anything about it.

"Using Fat Quarters in quiting and the
quiting process" my question is the quiting of WHAT?

Why don't I talk about "Fat Quers" in my blog? ummm its not polite and I believe you've mis-spelled a word or two. I believe the politically correct term is Pudgy anyway...

Yes I "are even a quilter". And I'm an equal oportunity smart ass. I'll call anyone on their BS and I'd hope others would do that of me. As for making fun of you quilters, we're all in this boat together if'n we can't laugh at ourselves who the hell can we laugh at? Besides I have never poked fun or laughed at any of my quilting friends in order to cause un-do harm to them, you included.

Thank you for reading my previous posts and enjoying my finished quilt tops. Stay tuned I'll post more pictures of my finished work soon.

To all my followers, I thank you from the bottom of my stash bin. If you need, you may apply oxygen to help you breathe.



  1. Oh, please...this is SOOO funny...I am laughing hard and nearly peeing myself......and do have tears in my eyes, too. You do have a way with words!!! Keep up the good work, Mr. FLAT-OUT Quilter!!!

  2. Goodness!!

    It kinda makes ya wonder . . . lemme know if ya need any help kicking her cyber-b*tt!!

  3. OH my gosh, Now I have to go change my clothes! I think Mary must be at least 110 and never read a blog before. You kill me. I hope she keeps writing just for the entertainment.

  4. Oh my, for early morning reads, this is a good one! I need a lay down, I've laughed so much my back aches now, not your fault Greag, I'll still be chuckling whilst I rest a while! Hope Brooke has the defib ready!

  5. Maybe, Mary is predjudiced ?? Maybe she doesn't like men??

    Maybe I shouldn't say things like'll sic her on me!

    Bring it on, big boy! I can take it.

    Just joking with you, Greg.

    I find this whole thing an amusing diatribe of sorts!

    Ha Ha Ha

    Sam in Middle TN

  6. OK, it is hard to believe this is for real. Did you make this up, Greg? I am laughing until I cry.
    judee in CA

  7. Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard. Thanks Ryan for directing me to this blog..
    Keep posting :)


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