Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy retirment Myrtle...


Tis I, the Flat Out Quilter back with some news. Myrtle, from WTF Myrtle fame has retired. Tis a sad day, but FEAR NOT! We have yet another installation of the Mary emails... And so WTF Mary is born!!!

Mary writes:

"Why did you post my message to you on your blog? My comments were not meant to be shared by the public. I'm beginning to dislike you, and thus will not return to your blog."

Well, well, well. WTF Mary? Thank you for taking the time to write me again. I see you're a reader of MY blog but not yet a public follower. I write my blog for MY enjoyment first, then for those who choose to follow what I have to say. If YOU don't like it, you don't have to read it. But since you keep sending me comments via email, you must be reading what I have to say.

As for "beginning to dislike me", stand in line... I have a lot of people who down right HATE me and even a few who'd prefer to see me dead, so "beginning to dislike" means, at least in my book, you kinda sorta like me right?

End WTF Mary...

Todays snail mail brought me several (81 pieces in all) "hawaiian postcards" for my yet to be started Hawaiian Postcard quilt (catchy name ain't it?) Enjoy the eye candy. I got these from the quilting forum postcard swap. The nice thing is, only 1 piece of all of these came from my original stack that I sent in.

I'll applogize now.. They ain't Fat Quarters, they measure 6 1/2" by 4 1/2 "

Tomorrow evening is our monthly guild meeting... I'm taking my camera and will post pics when we get home. I think you'll like some of the eye candy people bring.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, where I'll use the term FAT QUARTER FRIDAY!!


  1. Hey, I see one of my blocks in there and I haven't checked the mail yet. It's the blue sky with the palms.. I'm off to check the mail..

    Your Mary sagga gave me a little chuckle today..

  2. I got a big chuckle out of the WTF Mary story. hehehe I know a quilt blogger who had a lady be rude to her in emails.....similar kind of thing......didn't like what was said on the blog. So... the gal posted about it and a bunch of us said, "Why the heck is she READING it then?" The rude lady got all pissy about it (can I say pissy on here??) we KNEW she was still reading the we said, "Why are you still HERE?" Finally, she got the hint and left (or at least never commented again). Maybe it was WTF Mary or her sister?? LOL

  3. Woohooo! FQ Friday! Are you still reading Mary? WTF!!! What a great concept Greg, looking forward to it, perhaps we should have a FQ Friday Party!?? The postcard fabrics look great! Looking forward to seeing the results. They're such fun to make!


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