Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another WTF Myrtle moment

I've just returned from our local library. I returned the 2 books I had checked out and replaced them with 2 more. My wife and I are currently reading the Janet Evanovich By The Numbers series with a twist. We started at the last book and are reading them to the first. Those books are funny even without reading the series backwards. We'll start book 7 tonight and probably book six by Monday night.

On to my WTF Myrtle moment.... I just got back in front of my computer and found an interesting email waiting for me. This message from Mary, location possibly California (using the numbers in her email address as a ZIP code).

Mary writes:

"Hello. I found your blog today and must say I was disappointed. With a name like Flat Out Quilting, I thought you'd have information on Fat Quarters and what can be done with them. Maybe you could write about that instead of whoever Myrtle is. If you don't I guess I will not be returning to your blog."

WTF Myrtle? Fat Quarter... Flat Out Quilting... Fat.... Flat.... Yeesh... Okay maybe the "L" in flat cornfused her, I dunno. Maybe she thought it was FAT Out Quilting, some kinda weight loss while you quilt program.

Maybe I need to Psycho Sanitize again....


  1. I have a quote from Glenn Shepherd pinned on my wall at work , in front of my desk.

    So I can read it every day.

    It says:

    "Those who can, DO. Those who can't, CRITICIZE"

    Very simple, very true & when I feel like (actually when I know that) I am being b!tchie - I recite that quote - keeps me humble & keeps me from being in the CAN'T category.


  2. Another quote I have says:

    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until until you hear them speak"

    That's the b!tchie part of me!


  3. She might be a Jo-Ann's shopper where they call their FQ's quarter flats, but still WTF

  4. I couldn't believe someone would actually take the time to send an email. I've been to lots of sites that I thought would be something else - when it wasn't what I wanted - I moved on. Never occured to me that I should TELL them to change what they were doing to fit my need!

  5. Smart can be hidden, Stupid is like a billboard.

  6. Well, it was a "Hun?!??!" moment for me, when I read your blog.

    I, too, can't believe that that person took the time to write to you.


    I bet she felt better afterwards.... Let's all stand up and applaud!

    *still laughing, over here*


  7. ROFLOL!!! Some people's manners.. Tell her to go to the local library, there's bound to be a book on Fat QTR quilts..

  8. TOO funny....and the comments of everyone else have about said it all. I just chalk it up to the old saying that goes something like...."You can't please all the people all the time, so just try to please some of them some of the time" and from what I've read of your blog (from just discovering it), I think you do a fine job of that here!!!

  9. OMG, this is histerical. In more ways than one, huh?
    Thanks for my "laugh of the day",

  10. This one gave me a big smile today......thanks for sharing it.

  11. WTF,even in Blighty!!! I LOVE the new warning sign, LOL

  12. I love the Stephanie Plum books...have read all but the most recent one (but will read it at some point). I had never EVER laughed out loud while reading until I read my first Stephanie Plum book...gotta love her and Lulu and Stephanie's grandmother is a hoot and a half!!! To top it off, I grew up in NJ and know many of the places mentioned in the that is even more fun for me. Nice that you and your wife share the enjoyment of these books!!! I am so glad I discovered your is one of the bright things (and there are few) that has come out of my bad Janome experience!!!

  13. I love the by Stephanie Plum books I have never thought to read them backwards lol!

    I can't believe that woman posted that, If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all ;O)

  14. Oh Greg,, thanks for the laugh!! yep,, WTF??
    Think I'll stick around awhile and see what else you have as a WTF moment...
    Beth in Dallas
    ( still laughing )


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