Sunday, September 6, 2009

They arn't FAT... They're Pudgy!!!

My wife and I wandered over to Weston Mo. this afternoon in search of apples and peaches. Whats this got to do with quilting? Well hang on and I'll tell you. After we stopped for our apples and apple fritters (yummy!) we crossed the road to get our peaches. And before you ask, the apple pies are in the oven as I type this. On our way home I had a eureka moment and realized that Weston had a quilt shop we hadn't been to. So I dove off the highway and into town we went. Lemme tell you finding a parking spot on the main street on a Sunday afternoon is a great feat that if accomplished deserves a medal and a national holiday. But guess what? I found a spot across the street from the quilt shop (so in honor of my accomplishment take tomorrow off!!). Upon entering the store we were greeted by what I refer to as a "kick me" dog.. You know the type, the ones that are no bigger than a 2 liter bottle. Friendly lil' critter, and his/her (I didn't check to see if boy or girl) companion and his/her ball was ,okay I'll say it, CUTE!
We played ball for about 20 minutes before making our purchase and leaving the newly arriving customers to play ball. The Pigs In A Blanket Quilt Shop was a nice stop. Of course I didn't leave empty handed.. check out these "pudgy" finds..


  1. Oooooh.. those are NIIIIICE colors!!!!

    And I do love their "Pudgey Quarters"... LOL

    Tks for sharing pics!


  2. you say to-MAHH-toe, I say to-May-toe

  3. A quilt shop OPEN on a Sunday? What a luxury. Nothing is open on a Sunday out here.

    When I lived in Alabama (Cherokee Co) nothing was open past 12 noon on Wednesday either. Not the banks & not the pot office.

    I'm not complaining....but it WOULD be nice to shop on a Sunday, for soemthing OTHER than groceries @ Kroger or WM.

    Sam in Middle TN

  4. Sunday trading is still a relatively new thing over here, and quilt shops haven't taken up the gauntlet. We are so deprived!

    Those colours are gorgeous! My fave's!

  5. "Pudgy", now that's a good word. Another quilt shop I missed whilst living in Missouri. I knew there was another reason I should have stayed put.

  6. P.S. Love your sign, now I'll be able to find you when I reach Mars.


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