Saturday, September 5, 2009

My PIF is.... in the mail!

Thats right my followers, my end of the Pay It Forward has been well, forwarded. By the time most of you read this, my 3 PIF packages will be at the mercy of the USPS (and whatever the UK postal system is called). I'll tell you that this was a fun project to do. If you get a chance to be part of a PIF chain, list, group or whatever you call it, I say DO IT you will enjoy it!!!!

To my 3 PIF recieptiants here's a sneak peek as to what each of you will be receiving. I do hope you enjoy the goodies. Each one is a limited edition.

As soon as I hear that all packages have been received I'll post a pic of the items I sent so everyone can see what I sent out.


  1. The UK postal system is the "Royal Mail" I have to say that I love getting something from the UK with that big ROYAL MAIL postmark on it.

  2. I love getting parcels from the States, they come in all sorts of boxes, packets shapes and sizes. It's most confusing when a Hancocks parcel goes via Sweden and ends up in bright blue bag with the Swedish Post Office bugal all over! Confuses the customs man too! I'm all excited now!

  3. The only thing I get in the mail is bills. :( I will however be getting a package from Canada, which is exciting, I can hardly wait!

  4. Good for you to get those PIF gifts in the mail...I am still working on mine.


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