Sunday, January 10, 2010

The key to a great quilt....

Is a good foundation. So tonight I'm starting to cut more muslin foundations.

I started with about 2 yards of muslin and my NEW rotary cutter (Thanks Grandma!!!).
After a few folds (yes I cut 4 at a time), and a few cuts later...

20 more foundations to starch & draw the stencil on.

For my starch I'm using Sta-Flo starch diluted with water at a 5 oz of water to 1 oz or starch ratio. Instead of soaking them as Raymond does, I'm using a spray bottle set to mist and giving the foundations a nice shower and allowing them to dry. Kind of a trial and error thing, if that doesn't work I'll soak them.

So while I'm cutting foundations, my wife says to me "I'm excited to see how this turns out." All I could do was smile. Thanks dear, that means a lot to me.

In a few emails to Raymond today, he's offered more insight and suggestions. Thanks! Without you, I wouldn't be doing this. I've also promised that if I find out something really neat or an easier way to do something, I'd pass it along to him, and don't worry, I'll post it here as well.


  1. TIP: when you lay out your foundations to dry - DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT - lay them out on your wife's craft table that is not waterproof.

  2. hahaha...I think Brooke's tip of the day (above) is the BEST tip you got...and one you better follow...NOW!!!

  3. You know, this is all greek to me! *hehe*... Brooke might need some back-up... call in the troops!


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