Sunday, August 15, 2010

C'mon September!

Oh September please hurry. I'm running myself ragged trying to win an Accuquilt GO! cutter from LoveBug Studios. This should not be considered a giveaway, this is more of your 6 week long, pedal to the metal, full speed ahead, up hill pulling a sled full of bricks endurance challenge!! Oh and while you're pulling the sled of bricks, you've gotta do it with one arm tied behind your back and you must wear cement shoes. But it's worth it! Not only for a chance to win a GO! cutter, but the little bit of comfort we're providing to the kids who are served by the organizations who will benefit from our literal blood, sweat, and tears.

I've been lucky enough to recruit some excellent help. I'm not hiding the fact that I have received fabric, completed quilts and pillowcases or the most excellent work of a very talented and generous long arm quilter. To those people I am forever thankful. I also thank those who have followed along on facebook or here in blogland.

I have been working on various projects for this contest since it started even trashing my sewing area. (See previous post) but I'm happy to say, after 1 hour cleaning I found 2 pillowcases and 2 quilt tops buried in the mound of fabric on the floor. More points for me!!!

Well, here in the flatlands it's 4am... Time for bed, I gotta work in the morning. Watch out Monday and Tuesday, I have those days off, tons of completed projects to be posted. Stay tuned, stay cool!!!


  1. You GO, Greg!!! I admire you and Brooke as you were doing charity work on quilts weekly even BEFORE this this isn't just something you started to do because of the giveaway. AND...I know you will continue with charity quilts each week even after the giveaway...regardless of the results. BUT...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you as your charity work will be much easier if you have a GO cutter!

  2. Go Greg! (and Brooke, hey she says she helped)
    I am really hoping you win that GO!

  3. I am laughing, I had to delete my post because of all of the mispelled words...I was shocked when I reread what I wrote... Am I having a stroke? Let me put my arms out straight....nope...just a case of the memory failure...

    I just said that it is great that you have gotten so much help. YOu certainly have alot donated towards the cause, the numbers are just outstanding.

    Good that you cleaned your room, now you can play....

  4. Guess you have lots of friends that will go to great lengths to prove you wrong

    Last post ~ 1500-2000 point earned by the winner? hahahhaha..

    You under estimate the power of quilters!

  5. Way to go Greg, I hope you win the Go. How fun would that be and doing lots of charity must feel so good. You go Man!!


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