Monday, August 2, 2010

Guess where I'm Go!ing?

Ebony over at Lovebug Studios is having a Accuquilt GO! giveaway. It runs until September 1st. This isn't your regular 'leave a comment and win' giveaway, this one requires ALOT of work.How much work you ask? Here is a small sample of what I've done to earn the points I have.

If you must know, thats 22 pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer. I've also done a few quilts myself and with the help of the Hibiscus Quilt Guild of South Florida, which I'm proud to say, I am the northern most member, has graciously decided to pitch in and help in my name. To see the pictures of the quilts the guild has donated in my name, check out the Accuquilt page on Facebook. Some of the people who've entered have help as well. My good friend Barb from Bejeweled Quilts by Barb is very actively helping her sister Jeanette. I must say Barb can whip out the pillowcases!!! If I win, thats great! But if I don't, at least everything I've been motivated to make will go to very worthy causes. And when it comes down to it, thats what is important.

If you haven't been following this contest on facebook, I posted this picture to show what my sewing area looks like. I've been sewing non-stop for 2 weeks now (I really NEED a GO! cutter and more fabric!!) .

This is NOT a staged photo. My sewing area actually looks this good!!!

With a month left, there is going to be alot of projects completed and posted. I'm guessing that the winner will have somewhere in the 1500 t0 2000 point range. Which is a TON of projects given the points assigned to each.

If you're into high octane quilting, stay tuned, this is going to be fun, and stressful. But it all goes to great organizations!! And thats what matters.


  1. young friend.....I laugh at your studio every time I see it. I am inspired by all the people that are helping you, it is amazing and very touching. I am glad to see you get help truly. I consider you and Brooke to be good friends even tho we have never met and if I was not on the opposite side of the fence, I would be helping you as well.

    At first this was a contest and I viewed it as such but as I was sewing these pillowcases, I started to think of all the sweet children that would be getting them and my feelings changed. Now on to the quilts with the same sentiment. Although, I plan to send a few to Green Fairy but I will not let that deterr me.

    What you are doing is awesome and inspiring others and I hope they too view this as helping others instead of a contest.

  2. I wish you well with this, Greg. You and your wife have always been making quilts and donating them, so being good-hearted is nothing new to the two of you and that makes me want even more for YOU to be the winner of Ebony's you can continue with your charity work in an easier way by having your cutting become easier! And.....once the contest is done and you aren't so busy, can you come over and make MY sewing area look as neat as yours does in that picture??? :)

  3. Good Job Greg!

    You should definitely consider a second career in sewing room makeovers!

  4. Good Grief, you've been busy.. I hope you win the Go Cutter.. Good Luck!! I hope you'll share some photo's of your projects with us. Now you and Brooke come up for air and breath on occasion.

  5. Good luck, Greg. Yes, what a wonderful charity sew-a-thon this contest is becoming. I love your "clean organized" sewing area. Mine is almost as neat!

  6. Good luck Greg...Your studio is a riot...I can see how much you have worked!

  7. If this weren't my contest Greg, I would be happily sewing on your behalf. I am really hoping that over the course of the month, more people come to the conclusion that Barb did... it's about all the children & people who are impacted by disease & homelessness & misfortune who need our help.

    Hopefully the spirit of giving does not end on September 1st, but will continue forward with people quilting to make a difference. Unfortunately, it is a constant need that must be filled.

    In your case, I know that is not just a hope that I have, but a surety to be fulfilled. Thank you for everything you are doing!!

  8. You should just give up. No man in his right mind would be caught dead making quilts. You have no right to win let alone enter this contest. You are just taking up a space that someone with more talent could fill.

  9. To the "coward" who wouldn't even use his or her name, you should be ashamed of yourself. Greg has made quilts for charity ever since he started quilting and has managed to generate a LOT more quilts (and pillowcases) for charity since this giveaway contest began. I suspect you've not done even a fraction of that for charity. I can't understand your agenda in making this post...unless you are one of the other people trying to win this giveaway, although I would hope that's not the case....because if it is, then your poor sportsmanlike attitude shows that you are the least deserving person to win this giveaway!!! Most times, I have been proud to call other quilters my friend (even if we've not met in person), but if YOU are a quilter, then I can say I have finally met a quilter I do NOT like!!!

  10. greg, i see that a pathetic excuse for a human being stopped by your blog today...
    rock on and keep up the good work! you create amazing and wonderful quilts, for amazing and wonderful people.
    all the best to you and brooke!

  11. Greg, it's mind over don't mind and they don't matter....anonymous (gutless) neanderthals who leave ridiculous assumptions about you aren't worth all the attention they make for themselves by leaving stupid comments. I'm fascinated by all the 'guys' that are now quilting and putting us 'gals' to shame. My mind travels back to where women were the ones to do the cooking, and now check out the majority of top chefs' yep men.....One day, it'll be acceptable to have whatever hobbies you want without people indicating that it's a gender thing. Brooke is lucky to have a hubby who has such a crafty (in the nice way) hobby. Keep up the great work. Hugs Naomi

  12. The statement made by "Anonymous" is statement that places a blackmark on the quilting world. It is either made by an ignorant person, who has no idea that men and woman make beautiful quilts. Quilters come in all colors, of all ages, and all sexes. We shall overcome, by increasing awareness to others that EVERYONE is welcome to join our world of quilting, especiality if they realize and accept our world is diverse.

    But sadly, I think the person that posted this negative comment is truly sick, and has posted negative comments on other blogs, but this one was done to create a viral effect in blogland and on Facebook. I'm sure the person will read this message, and I'm pretty confident that many know who this person is. Shame, shame, shame on them. They lack ethics, integrity and the ability to be a supportive quilter that provides encouragement and support to others. While you may think you are doing the right thing, you create damage. Shame. Shame on you.

    I hope Greg continues to play fairly in Ebony's giveaway, continues to give from his heart with all the guilts that he makes for charity, as well as continue to give support, encouragement and sharing of insights to other quilters! Thank you Greg.


  13. Jeez......that's an ignorant, below the belt, coward....huh? Of course, he's getting a lot of attention and that is what he's seeking. Maybe we should give him anymore??? Sorry, Greg. We all know where your heart is...and he's like the Tin Man with no heart.

  14. oops....that was supposed to say....we shouldn't give him tired, and fingers aren't typing well. Too much sewing today. Sorry.


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